Have you ever been lost in a new place while hearing “recalculating” over and over? Perhaps you desire to find a new way to handle stress or better manage your time. Maybe you simply want to learn new skills such as hiking, how to change a tire, or maybe even skydiving, but unfortunately you find yourself out of luck because these topics are not offered.

Challenging questions from applying for a loan to purchasing your first home are critical areas where people often fail to receive instruction and direction. Sometimes you are met with real challenges that you unable to conquer because you cannot gain access to your desired skill.

Today, skills to conquer real challenges such as those outlined above often fail to make the class list for many high schools much less colleges, but who says the classroom is the best place to learn?

This is where Prakti comes in.

Prakti people thrive on practice and in-person engagement. You are no longer limited to the classroom or confined to a narrow list of class offerings.

Prakti offers a platform for everything from do-it-yourself projects such as painting and gardening to practical tours of your new town.

This is not a classroom.

Prakti allows communities to connect leaders and mentors with individuals in their community who desire to master a variety of new skills. Prakti people break free from the barriers of a classroom and master what they want, when they want, and where they want through hands-on practice and engagement.

Rather than focusing on a letter grade, focus on mastering a useful skill you will actually use in your life.

…because life takes practice.